2011 04 Southern Cyprus

Pepper tree
Pepper tree

7th. – 21st. April 2011 Southern Cyprus

This was a commercially organized group booked via Hellas Reisen with Ismini Tours. The flights with Czech Airlines via Prague went well and I met Ismini, the guide, at the airport as planned. She was also waiting for another group flying from Munich an hour later, so we waited and had an interesting chat about various places. She had been looking at this website. It was then after 8.30 pm by the time we finally arrived at the hotel for dinner. The group all knew one another from previous trips, as they had like me been going to a different place each year for more than 10 years. The other group from Dresden, where the travel agency is located, arrived sometime in the night.

I was with the Munich group, which Ismini was guiding herself, in the first week and then with the Dresden group in the second week. It was interesting to hear about other places which the first group had been to, such Calabria or other Canary Islands than La Palma. They are not really from Munich. They just flew from there, but live on Bodensee at or near Tecknau.

The numbers in brackets on the following pages refer to the places on the maps.


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