04 14 Pissouri

The Birthplace of Aphrodite
The Birthplace of Aphrodite

13th. Nicosia city visit, 14th. Birthplace of Aphrodite to Pissouri

I felt well enough the next day to go on the trip to Nicosia. It is not the world’s most special city but the antique museum was good and there was a church with every inch painted with frescoes in the Greek Orthodox style from 17th.centuary. We crossed to the Turkish occupied side but the mosque there is just a converted cathedral which looks strange. The old city is very small but was good for lunch.

We changed hotels yesterday coming down from the mountains and making a walk along the coast which was a welcome change being near the sea. There were quite a lot of flowers including some endemic Cyprian ones, a gladiolus and a white anemonae looking more like a small poppy. Also a purple and green spotted arum lilly.

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