04 15 Avakas

above the Avakas gorge
above the Avakas gorge

15th. and 16th. Avakas gorge, 18th. Akamas peninsula 

We walked down from the village of Ineia at 600m first through open country side and then above the Avakas gorge to the sea. There was good scenery with views of the sea and into the gorge. Some new plants were also spotted. The following day was officially a free day and I took the opportunity with 2 others to walk up the gorge. It is not as large and spectacular as say the Samaria gorge on Crete, but the lower part is very narrow and the walls seem to practically meet above one’s head. After leaving the gorge it is necessary to cross the valley and climb to a track which joins the route of the day before. Our descent through a juniper forest was not though exactly the same as the previous day. We reached the bus stop in time for the last bus to the hotel, only to be told by the restaurant owner there that it had already left early! However a friendly retired Englishman, who lived locally (one of many), kindly stopped his car (already containing himself, his wife, 2 dogs and some luggage) and took us all the way back.

The last walk with the group took place in the nature reserve of the Akamas peninsula, following the Adonis and Aphrodite trails (42). Here there is a spring (27) where she is supposed to have bathed as opposed to the rocks in the sea by Pissouri, where she emerged from the sea. Unfortunately the views from the highest point were somewhat spoilt by sand clouds from the Sahara. The walk was followed by a farewell dinner, again a good meze, with a bit of Greek dancing by us afterwards.

Avakas and Akamas area


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