04 17 Paphos

Paphos harbour
Paphos harbour

17th. Pano Panagia, Chryssorogiatisa monastery, 19th. Agios Georgios to Coral Bay, 20th. Paphos

Sunday was probably the hottest day and although we walked from Pano Panagia (marked on map without number) at about 1000m it was all in the sun and quite hot. The vineyards do not of course have any leaves at this time of year and the tracks were wide which did not make the walk very attractive. The guide spotted a new type of orchid but it was very small. At the top there was a small chapel and some interesting rock formations in the limestone. Afterwards we visited the Chryssorogiatisa monastery (47) and had a pic-nic lunch with wine provided in the forest.
On Tuesday I walked along the coast from Agios Georgios (22) to Coral Bay with the same couple as I had walked with before. It was particularly good because of the wind and waves crashing on the cliffs and rocks along the shore. A fish lunch at Coral bay overlooking the beach pleasantly rounded off the walk.

Wednesday, our last day, was bit rainy but in the morning I visited the Roman mosaics which are quite famous and then had another fish lunch when it started to rain. The Roman mosaics were in a huge area which has not yet all been excavated and was covered in more flowers then we had seen on all the walks put together. Mostly the large yellow daisy, as seen throughout the Mediterranean, red poppies and a blue flower which I do not know the name of.

Paphos area

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