10-05 Bhaktapur 2

Teh 55 Windows Palace and restoration work in progress near Dubar Square

5th.Oct.18 Bhaktpur 2

The guide arrived after breakfast and started explaining our programme. I think he could have talked all day if nobody stopped him. The guided tour was therefore quite long but interesting and I saw some parts which I had not seen before on previous visits.

The restoration work after the 2015 earthquake is still in progress. However I could see some changes and improvements since my visit in April, see Bhaktapur. This was most noticeable in Durbar square near the well known buildings like the Golden Gate and the 55 Windows Palace and in Taumadhi square. Even Pottery square looked much better than before laid out with pots drying in the sun.

We visited several temples including one with murals depicting Buddha’s life on the internal walls. I am becoming quite an expert on Hinduism and Buddhism now. Finally we had a good lunch at a roof-top restaurant and the much delayed welcome dinner in the evening at the ‘Sweet Home’ restaurant.

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