10-16 Pokara 2

Traffic on the highway to Mustang in Jomsom

16th.Oct.18 Jomsom – Pokara 2

From the roof of the lodge we had our last close-up views of Annapurna and Nilgiri before crossing the busy road to the airport on the other side. We had had perfect weather all the time we were in Mustang, clear but cold out of the sun and sometimes windy. Down in Pokara it was very different and the flight in the morning was again delayed because of mist in Pokara. However we were able to take off at about 11am one hour late. The views on the dramatic flight were not so clear as on the outward journey and my vantage point was not so good being directly below the aircraft wing. It was still an experience particularly coming down through the clouds to Pokara.

We were transferred back to the same hotel as before and could reclaim the luggage which we had deposited there. The temperature was 31deg.C, quite a change.

Pokara Valley

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