02-17 Ha Long Bay

Natural Arch in Ha Long Bay

17/18th.February, Ha Long Bay

The Ha Long Bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes. We needed nice weather for the 24 hour cruise but unfortunately did not get it. It was raining hard when we set off but soon reduced to a drizzle. After sailing for a while we visited a cave (what else) on a small island and could have swum from a small beach if the weather had been better. Later kayaking was possible but I did not do it and anyway the rain started again. A pity because otherwise it would have been very pleasant sailing between the impressive rock formations. We stayed overnight on the boat in Ha Long bay fairly close to the shore.

In the morning the weather had improved somewhat and there was an excursion round a floating fishing village in a bamboo rowing boat. After lunch (with good food) on the boat we drove back to Hanoi and the airport to fly to Hue. On the return journey we took the opportunity to stop by the rice fields and watch the workers, all women, planting out the next crop.

The flight to Hue went well although it was a long day in total after the early start on the boat. There was still time for dinner in the hotel.

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