02-13 Drygalski Fjord

Ortelius in Drygalski Fjord
Ortelius in Drygalski Fjord

13th. – 15th. February, South Georgia, Drygalski Fjord – South Orkneys

Before departing from South Georgia completely we sailed into Drygalski Fjord at its South Eastern tip, where the dramatic scenery was accentuated by the roar of the wind and the sight of waterfalls disappearing back up the mountains. A long and arduous 3 day crossing from South Georgia to the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula followed.

I attended a lecture by Rolf, the expedition leader, about continental drift and in particular the rather strange geological formation between South America and Antarctica which has led to the formation of South Georgia. There was quite a good turn-out all things considered of about 20 people. I had just taken an anti-seasickness pill again because the ship was pitching heavily, having left the more sheltered waters of South Georgia. Sick bags were placed strategically along the corridors of the ship for possible emergencies!

One evening I watched the first episode of Life in the Freezer in the bar, other episodes would follow. David Attenborough appears in it personally with the albatrosses, which of course he does not do anymore in Frozen Planet. Quite a large part of it was about the King penguins on South Georgia where we saw them. I attach a photo of me with them doing my David Attenborough thing.

The wind on the ship remained at gale force and we were not allowed to go outside. The landing on the South Orkneys was to be skipped because it was not so important and the ship was to continue directly to the Antarctic Peninsula, which would take another 2 days. Everybody had had enough of the ship’s motion but there was nothing to be done about it. The opening of the ship’s ‘souvenir shop’ provided a brief variation in our confinement to the ship on one of the afternoons. I bought another t-shirt for my grandson and a card game. There was also a board game, aptly called ‘Stormy Seas’.

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