02-21 Cape Horn

arrival in Ushuaia
arrival in Ushuaia

20th.-21st.February, Antarctica – Cape Horn – Ushuaia

We were in the second of our 2 day return crossing from the Antarctic and expected to reach the area of Cape Horn in about 2 Hours. Despite the infamous reputation of the Drake Passage, we had had a fairly quiet crossing so far compared with the one from South Georgia, although the wind was picking up a little.

As we passed Cape Horn it was quite wild and windy with a squall of rain, but when we were in more sheltered waters in sight of land it became calmer. We were to spend the night in the Beagle Channel and disembark in Ushuaia early the next morning.

We had our last evening meal with rib-eye steak Argentinian style for dinner. Afterwards the results of a photo competition in which each person could submit 2 photos in each of the categories landscape, wildlife and people, were presented. Both my landscapes of the Lemaire channel were selected and shown on the short list, as was one of my people pictures which shows 2 of the guides standing on bollards at the bow of the ship.

The next morning we had to say goodbye to all our new friends with whom we had had so many unforgettable experiences. Goodbye also to the crew and expedition staff who had made it all possible and been so helpful and friendly throughout the tour. Maybe we shall see one or another of them on a future excursion to the Artic or Antarctic.

The return flight was a reversal of the sequence of experiences of the outbound flight. The first two flights were one hour late, but the last one was on time. This resulted in a mad dash through Madrid airport, which was successful. I caught my last flight, but without my luggage which only reached me at home 2 days later.

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