05-07 Palma

5. Mai, Santuari de Lluc (continued from previous page)

After following the circle tour of Lluc, four participants sped back to the church to hear the choir. The rest of us continued on a trail through fabulous limestone formations. First there was a pause to scramble along a ridge between “sandwich” boulders, ending in a sharp drop. Then, an extended picnic pause with distant views of carved limestone cliffs and close-ups of miniature lilac and yellow flowers. The advantage of a long break: one has the chance to observe the surroundings closely. Finally we entered a steep, dry gorge, descending with large steps requiring occasional help with the hands. We all met up again next to the Tanke-stelle for a fabulous dinner of goat with salad and potatoes, concluded with a leisurely half-hour stroll back to our rooms.

6. Mai, Palma

As usual, into the bus at 9 AM, this time with luggage, as we depart Lluc for Colonia de San Jordi, via a walking tour through Palma. The route leads us first through curving mountain roads beloved by cyclists, then at Inca onto the highway. We bid farewell to the Mallorcan mountains as we travel through the flatlands in the direction of the Mediterranean. The agriculture changes as well; orange and lemon trees are no longer constant companions.

At 10.15 we arrive at Palma, where our guide Imma awaits us. She leads us past the magnificent Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, whose sandstone walls seem to rise out of the sea, into the gardens,

then further to the impressive Sa Llotja and through the old city. Sa Llotja was built as the city’s major exchange when Palma was an important maritime trading center in the 15th century. The rectangular hall has an octagonal tower at each corner, with 10 smaller towers to act as buttresses. It has been adapted for different uses over the centuries and is now a cultural centre.

We visit several booming plazas before Immatakes leave of us at Plaza Major to spend the next few hours exploring on our own.

We meet at the bus once again, drive to Hotel Marques where we are greeted with glasses of prosecco. Several participants immediately set out to explore the sea-front promenade before returning for dinner.


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