06-12 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik from the Lovrijenac Fortress
Dubrovnik from the Lovrijenac Fortress


Tues.12th.June, Dubrovnik

Busses from more than one company run regularly from Kotor to Dubrovnik. Mine left at 8.30 and arrived at Dubrovnik harbor at 12.00 after two customs stops each of 45min. The hotel Petka is conveniently situated nearby, but it is necessary to take a local bus to the gates of the old city which is about 15min. ride away. Dubrovnik is of course also a world heritage site and is larger than Kotor attracting a correspondingly larger number of visitors. The city walls are spectacular and the buildings are beautifully preserved. Below the walls there are two bars, Baza 1 & 2, situated directly on rocks by the sea. Young locals swim in the breakers from the rocks which proved to be a risky undertaking since I saw one man emerge badly scratched and covered in blood from the sea! In the evening the number of people is considerably less and the city assumes a romantic atmosphere with the lights reflecting on the flagstones worn smooth thousands of feet.

Wed.13th. Return Flight

The boat agency RIVA kindly provided a transfer from the Hotel Petka to the airport for my conveniently timed flight at 12.20, arriving in Zürich at 14.30.

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