2021-09 Aletsch Fiesch

Aletsch Gletscher von Moosfluh

29.September – 3.Oktober 2021, Walliser Hängebrücken

Donnerstag 30.09.21, Belalp – Massaschlucht – Riederfurka

Freitag 01.10.21, Moosfluh – Aletschgletscher – Märjelensee – Fiescheralp

Samstag 2.Oktober 2021, Fieschertal – Aspi-Titter Brücke – Bellwald – Mühlebach

Englische Einführung

Towards the end of September on a Monday I was surprised by my brother suggesting we make a hike in Switzerland. Everything would depend on the weather and the season was nearly over, but I did have a one day walk in Valais planned for the sport-club on the following Saturday. Only a few people had shown their interest up till then. But the weather could be good and the 2 days before, Thursday and Friday had a very good forecast, so we could go at short notice for 3 or 4 days. The weather forecast for the following week was not good. It has already snowed in the mountains but melted again in most places. In addition the following 2 weeks were autumn school holidays when the hotels will be fuller. My brother would have to fly on the Wednesday returning on say on the following Monday.

I referred to the routes in Valais which I had planned for a sport-club tour in August 2019 and the route for the coming Saturday. We would travel by plane (my brother), train, bus and cable car to the Hotel Bellalp, Bellalp on the first day and on the second day stay at the Walliser Spycher in Riederalp. On the third day we would stay at the Hotel Alpina, Fiescheralp and take the cable car down to Fiesch on the following morning to meet the others there. The fourth day walk would end in Bellwald where we could stay, the others going home.

Everything went much as planned. My brothers’s flight from Manchester to Geneva even landed early so that we could meet in Brig and take a bus to Naters an hour earlier then expected. Despite the bus being delayed by road works and the cable car leaving without waiting we still arrived at the Hotel Bellalp (very nice) at 2000m in good time for dinner and before darkness fell.

We started in Bellalp and crossed the Aletsch suspension bridge to Riederalp. Then from Moosalp above the glacier to Marjelensee and round to Fiescheralp. In Fiesch we met some ladies from the sport-club and crossed the Aspi-Titter suspension bridge to Bellwald. After descending by cable car we crossed yet another suspension bridge, this time over the Rhone to Mülebach. The last day we walked through the Twingi Gorge from Binn, but the fine weather had then broken.

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