2021-10 Roti Flüo Yaks

Roti Flüo Yak Farm

10.-11.Oktober 2021, Grächen Suonen – Roti Flüo (Yak farm) – Törbel

The forecast for the weekend was excellent and I wanted to take the opportunity to visit Valais again, this time when the larch trees had already turned their golden autumn colour. The Naturfreunde Baselbiet had planned a Suonen Walk around Grächen for the Sunday and I first of all walked with them. On the second day after staying the night at the Roti Flüo yak farm near Embd I walked on my own to Moosalp and down to Törbel.

10-10 Grächen Suonen – Roti Flüo

10-11 Roti Flüo – Moosalp – Törbel

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