10-10 Grächen Suonen

A wooden part of the Eggeri Suone

10.Oktober, Grächen Suonen – Embd – Roti Flüo

When the Naturfreunde Group arrived after the long journey from Basel in the village of Grächen it was still enveloped in some mist or low cloud. This soon cleared, so that we could enjoy clear views across the valley particularly of the Bishorn and the Weisshorn. Most of the walk along the Suonen (irrigation channels) was through dense pine forest but we did find a sunny clearing at Äbnet for our mid-day break. Our route was a round trip taking the upper Eggeri Suone in the outward direction and returning on the lower level of the Chilcheri Suone. Part of the Eggeri was closed due to a landslide and rockfall, forcing us to make a detour and therefore loose some time. Because I had plans to cross over to the opposite side of the Mattertal and stay for another day, I left the group at the far end of the Suonen near the water collection point on the Riedbach and hurried back to Grächen in order to catch the postbus at 15.45.

The bus brought me down to St.Niklaus, from where the train from Zermatt carried me one stop through a gorge to the Kalpetran halt. There I took the tiny 4-seater cable-car up to the small village of Embd. This distance-wise short journey lasted an hour and I would still need another hour to climb up to my destination for the night. This was to be the yak farm at a place called Roti Flüo. It turned out that I was one of only two guests, although there was room for about ten people in bunk beds. The enterprising owner provides accommodation and runs yak treks as well as tending to his yaks. These were not much in evidence on my arrival, although two albeit without horns could be seen grazing nearby, as could a few more at a distance under some trees.

10-11 Moosalp

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