10-11 Moosalp

View of Mattertal from Pletsche

11.Oktober, Roti Flüo – Moosalp – Torbel

The main room of the farm was decorated in the Buddhist tradition of a Tibetan or Nepalese lodge and really gave me the feeling of being in Nepal again. At dinner (including yak sausage – very tasty!) the discussion had been centred on my choice of route for the following day. The alternatives were to walk via Schalb to Jungu, for which there are two possibilities, or in the opposite direction via Moosalp to either Torbel or Zeneggen. I finally decided in the morning on the latter easier route. The farm was shrouded in mist as I set off but I soon rose above it as I climbed steeply uphill from Roti Flüo at 1645m to Pletsche at 2004m. From there the walk to Moosalp at 2044m is an easy panorama track with fantastic views of almost all of the 4000m peaks surrounding the Matter and Saas valleys, including the Weissmies, the Mischabel massive, the Breithorn and the Klein Matterhorn. Only the Matterhorn itself is blocked from view by the dominating Weisshorn. Further along the track Monte Leone and the mountains of Lötschental, Bietschhorn, Nesthorn and others, come into view. Such tours in Switzerland are at least as impressive as the Tour du Mont Blanc or many of the treks in Nepal.

On arrival at Moosalp I was somewhat shocked to see the large number of people especially considering that it was a Monday not a Sunday. It was during the autumn school holidays however and the weather was so perfect. Moosalp can of course also be easily reached by postbus. The Moosalp Restaurant which I knew from previous visits was jam-packed full and for me hardly recognisable, but there was an alternative restaurant which at first looked less attractive. It was actually better if one ignored the car park below, when looking from the terrace at the otherwise stupendous view. There was no problem in getting a good table and the ‘Wild Burger’ on the menu caught my eye. No, it was not yak meat but roe deer (Reh). (I have had yak burger in Nepal.) It was very good but eating it did not leave enough time to reach a convenient bus in Zeneggen, so I decided to take the shorter way down to Torbel. The path is not near the road and was beautifully peaceful after the busy Moosalp. Lower down a group of reclining Ehringer cows was also enjoying the sunshine and tranquillity. They in fact looked more impressive than their distant relatives higher up the mountain. On reaching the village I found that I had just missed a bus, so tried hitch-hiking, not expecting much success. However almost immediately a lady stopped for me but was unfortunately not even driving as far down as Stalden. Then very soon afterwards a couple offered to take me all the way to Visp, which allowed me to catch the train I had originally intended and made a fitting end to a perfect day.

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