08-07 Qasigiannguit


07.-08.08. Qasigiannguit

  1. The ship ‘Sarfaq Ittuk’ which plies its course continuously along the West coast of Greenland arrived at Aasiaat early in the morning. It would continue its journey North while we travelled East in a much smaller boat to Qasigiannguit. Now some of the first icebergs could be spotted but above all a whole group of humpback whales feeding! This was clear because of the large flock of seagulls circulating above them. It was just as one sometimes sees in nature programmes on television but they were far away and my photos were not so special. The hotel was beautifully situated by the sea and would have fine views if it had been clear and not raining. Never the less there were some large icebergs lying just off the shore. We pottered round the village to the supermarket and otherwise had a rest day, hoping for a longer walk the next day if the sun shone.
  2. We did have the longer walk as planned despite the sun not shining. We trogged around in the bogs and mist, and it was just like being in Northern Scotland. Not everybody made it to the top of the 456m high Qaqqarsuaq, including me. I was the first to stop and enjoyed a lunch break with a view out over a loch. Only some small icebergs in the water betrayed the fact that I was actually in Greenland. I don’t think the others had any break and they only saw the village below.

    Qasigiannguit with approach from Aasiaat

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