08-09 Qeqertarsuaq

Small icebergs on the beach


  1. In the morning we crossed over to Disko Island, in the same type of motor launch as we used before. The journey took nearly 3 hours, because of the rough sea, the ride being very bumpy. There were no whales but large ice bergs, some of which we passed close to. We were allocated to hostel type rooms belonging to the nearby hotel where we dined on the first evening, self-cooking though on the second. In the hotel we were served muskox which was good, but more like beef than venison. I just walked near the village in the afternoon in a cold wind, but the sun was trying to shine.
  2. The weather was still grey, but there was not much rain and we walked along the coast in the opposite direction as the previous day. The Disko Island is of volcanic origin as can be seen in the rocks and landscape. It is strange to see small icebergs stranded on the black beach. There was a much larger ice berg looming over the far side of the village which must be as big as a multi-storyblock of flats. Unfortunately there was no sign of any whales though. I hoped for some sightings on the return trip to the mainland would be somewhat shorter and less rough.

    Route from Aasiaat to Disko Island, Qeqertarsuaq

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