08-12 Oqaatsut

fantastic icebergs


The next outpost was reached with 2 boat trips along the coast in smaller boats than before but with more space to sit outside. This was important for the views and photography as there was much to see. The sun was shining and we saw fantastic icebergs and jumping whales on a scale that l had previously experienced the Antarctic. The whales were the usual humpbacks but they were visible for some time as they jumped half out of the water. The boat passed the end of the Iluissat fjord containing the famous huge Kangia glacier, from which all the icebergs had emerged. The boat entered Ilulissat harbour where we embarked and deposited the main part of our luggage to be collected the next day. After about an hour we set off again for our final destination of Oqaatsut, some of us in a completely open boat with the appropriate weatherproof suits and the rest in a partially enclosed small boat. The latter boat had the opportunity to watch some fishermen catching the local fish, halibut, on a long line. The pilot of this boat turned out to also be the owner of the guesthouse where we were staying. It had good views over the bay and also of the dogs just outside. Sometimes they howled. I hoped not in the night but they did howl at 5am so I was up taking sunrise photos.

Oqaatsut was the most Northerly point reached

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