08-13 Ilulissat 1

at the Ilulissat Fjord with icebergs of the Kangia Glacier

Ilulissat 1

  1. I had opted out of the long hike along the coast back to Ilulissat and a small boat had been arranged to take me back alone. It was planned to be very early but did not appear on time so I was still waiting by the landing stage when the others set off for their hike. This was no hardship since the sun was shining and I could climb a small knoll for excellent views of Disko Island. I was even served with coffee while I was waiting. On arriving in Ilulissat I decided to make straight for the famous Kangia glacier and not first go to our accommodation where most of out luggage had already been deposited the day before. On the way I spoke to a lady in traditional Inuit costume who was on the way to the Jewish church with her husband. The shortest route to the glacier was along a mile long wooden causeway starting at a new tourist centre. The Kangia glacier is the largest producer of icebergs outside Antarctica and is very impressive. It is 7 km wide at its mouth where it can be seen from the North side at close quarters. After spending some time at a view point I returned at first the same way and then along a coastal road to our new quarters. We had 2 holiday homes by the sea for ourselves and were to stay for 4 nights. I arrived first but the others came soon afterwards and we all made ourselves at home.

    Ilulisatt and Oqaatsut which was the most Northerly point reached

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