08-14 Ilulissat 2

the icebergs finally reach the open sea

Ilulissat 2

  1. The blue skies of the previous day had gone but of course the Kangia glacier was on the programme since the others had not yet seen it. We set out towards the visitor centre stopping shortly beforehand to visit some sledge dog owners and learn all about how they are kept and used. It was very interesting to see some of what happens with all the husky dogs which are tethered outside every village. We had a demonstration of how they can be harnessed to the sledge and how they are controlled with commands and signals. They do not have an easy life but they seem to almost enjoy it. They of course became most enthusiastic at feeding time when they were given offcuts of filleted halibut which they swallowed bones and all. Afterwards we walked on a rocky path along the side of the Ilulissat fjord filled with icebergs of the Kangia glacier. The fjord gradually widens and the icebergs are released into the open see. The movement of the icebergs though is not normally visible. Continuing along the coast brought us back to our holiday houses and we once again saw our ferry boat returning South.

    Ililusaat with paths to the glacier

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