08-15 Ilulissat 3

humpback whale

Ilulissat 3

  1. We awoke to see the sea suddenly full of icebergs of all shapes and sizes. Because the sea is less deep (200m) at the mouth of the fjord some of the larger icebergs become blocked and form a barrier. When the pressure builds up sufficiently to break them a large amount of ice is released at once filling the sea until it gradually disperses. This was officially a free day to do whatever one liked. The weather was not very special and most of us mooched round the town viewing the expensive souvenir shops. Those who had planned to go on the full day trip to the Eqi glacier had to wait until the following day since it was fully booked. I spent some time in the supermarkets as I had volunteered to cook for everyone in the evening. My idea was to serve halibut as we had seen and heard about this local fish. I had been told it could be possible to purchase a whole one, they can become quite large, directly from a fisherman at the harbour, but on going there I could see no sign of any fish. Enquiries showed that because of all the icebergs in the sea it had not been possible for the fisherman to go out that day! The local food shop also had nothing so I settled for the supermarket, which did have fresh filleted halibut, 6 packets (2.3kg) for 11 people. Cooking occupied the rest of the day but I think it was a great success. The day though was not over because someone had the idea of going on a sunset boat trip. Normally one hopes to see the setting sun lighting up the icebergs, but it the absence of any sunshine it turned into a whale watching tour and we were able to come quite close to some humpback whales. The light though was rather poor for photography.

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