08-16 Ilulissat 4

icebergs reach the open sea

Ilulissat 4

  1. I again opted out of the planned walk and took the last day more easily. Only in the late morning did I think I should take the opportunity to see the glacier more closely. It was possible to make flights by helicopter or light aircraft to the glacier face where it breaks off the inland ice about 50 km inland. The helicopter trips were all booked out but I could go at the end of the afternoon on a one-hour flight with a small 5-seater plane. The round trip from the airport first went to the Avnnarieq side glacier and then along the edge of the inland ice to the head of the Kangia glacier. There great views of the 7 km wide ice cliff where the icebergs break off and then one flies the full length of the fjord packed with giant icebergs. Not all of it can be seen any other way. On reaching the sea even some whales could be spotted. The weather was not perfect but clear enough. I had taken a taxi to the airport and back again (with 2 other people) directly to the restaurant in the centre of town where I was to meet the group, saving walking from the hotel. I was back just in time for our last dinner which consisted of halibut again. After dinner I walked back along the coast and could take photos in the good evening light since I still had my camera with me.
  2. We flew from Illussisat Airport back to Kanderlussaq where I stayed at the Old Camp, buying some souvenirs, until we went to dinner at the Boat Club restaurant by bus. The name comes from the time of the American Air base and there were in fact many servicemen there on an outing. The following day we flew to Copenhagen without a hitch and the next day on to Zürich.

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