Chitabe cheetah,hyaena

Cheetah the fastest predator
Cheetah the fastest predator

Chitabe – Cheetah, Hyaena, Zebra, Warthog, Vervet monkey, Baboon, Hippo

The following day another guide had located a cheetah which I could then go and see since the guides are in continuous radio contact with one another. We followed it for a long time as it appeared to be hunting, hoping it would chase some impala, but as the day grew hotter this was less likely and it eventually gave up altogether. The termite mounds where it sometimes stopped provide a slightly raised viewpoint in an otherwise flat landscape.

By one of the pools we chanced on a lone hyaena which was cooling its self in the shallow water. Then it attempted to chew off a piece of a dried-up giraffe hide without much success despite hyaenas having very strong jaws for breaking bones.

The other mammals to be seen occasionally were zebra, warthog, vervet monkey, baboon and hippo.

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