Vumbura antelope,lion

Sable antelope
Sable antelope

Vumbura Plains – Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, Sable antelope, Waterbuk, Kudu, Tsessebe

On the second morning we were lucky to spot a pair of lions watching a heard of zebras and giraffes. Our guide had noticed that one giraffe was watching a single point intensely, giving the lion away. Because of their height giraffes have a better view across the bush and zebras sometimes stay close to them for this reason. Despite our patience no chase ensued and the lions eventually gave up and moved away. The male seemed to have lost the female and was trying to pick up her scent again.

Sable antelope were popular with hunters because of their beautiful appearance and long horns and are now quite rare. They prefer areas of long grass close to water and we were able to locate a small heard with several young which are much paler than the adults.

The other antelope encountered were red lechwe, waterbuk, kudu, impala and new the tsessebe.

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