Vumbura leopard,hippo


Vumbura Plains – Leopard, Hippo, Wildebeest, Hyaena, Warthog

A leopard which had been spotted sitting by a termite mound soon moved off into the bushes but left its year-old cub on a low tree branch, giving us an excellent view. Despite eyeing us closely the club remained for some time before also disappearing into the undergrowth. Another unexpected opportunity to see the same mother leopard arose when I was leaving for to the next camp. Only because my flight was delayed was there time on the way to the landing strip to drive to where it had been seen. This time she was on a somewhat higher branch.

The other mammals seen at Vumbura were the same as before, hippo, wildebeest, a hyaena lying in front of its den and warthog with young.

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