Kings Pool wilddog,elephant

African wild dog after a kill of impala
African wild dog after a kill of impala

Kings Pool – African wild dogs, Elephant mud bath

When the guide asked me on arrival which animals I particularly wanted to see I replied – African wild dogs. These were the only large predator in the region which I had not yet seen. On the third day he was successful in finding them after quite a long drive. The pack had just caught and already devoured an impala but were still fighting over the remains of one leg. This provided action for some time before they heard a troop of baboons nearby and moved off into the bushes in their direction.

After the wild dogs there was another new elephant experience – the mud bath. This was obviously taken very seriously and almost complete immersion was achieved by most of the herd. This is quite an athletic process for them and climbing out of the mud is not easy. The purpose is to remove parasites and provide protection from the sun’s rays.

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