05-06 Los Lobos

Saturday, 6.May 2023, Free-day Excursion to the island of Lobos

It was a group of 5 hikers that clambered onto the Celia Cruz glass-bottom boat at 9.45 for our independent excursion to the island of Lobos. The entire island, which lies a good 20-minute boat-ride from the Corralejo harbor, is a national park.

Disembarking onto a cement platform, our little group took off for a walk to the lagoons. The trail led past a restaurant, where, we had been informed, we could order fresh fish. But when we saw the restaurant, we decided just to walk past, and to eat our picnic lunches, that we had brought for such an emergency.

The island is named after the monk seal (lobos) which used to be found here. Unlike most seals which live in cold waters this is a temperate water species. It grows to a length of three meters and can weigh almost 400 kilograms. Its strangest feature is an accumulation of blubber on the neck, forming a cowl like a monk’s hood, hence the name.

The trail, for both hikers and bikers, wound along the rocky coast, with wonderful, ever-changing views. Finally, shortly before reaching the lagoon, we reached a closed section of the trail. It was easy enough to get around the gate, and we walked across a brand-new wooden footbridge (obviously the reason the trail was closed) to the lagoon, where the water flowed between green stretches of land.

This was for looking and not for swimming, so once our vision was satisfied, we headed in another direction to a beautiful sandy beach with gentle waves. Here we spent the remainder of our stay, before heading back to Corralejo at 14.00.

It was an absolutely delightful experience. Thank you very much, Adrian, for providing the opportunity.


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