02-17 Calafate

Small lake by Brazo Upsala, Lago Argentino
Small lake by Brazo Upsala, Lago Argentino

17th-18th.February, Calafate, Lago Argentino, Glacier Puerto Merino

I am writing again from Calafate now that I have made a bit more time by giving up dinner tonight. If you think my holidays are hectic then Juan’s are more so. Again today we were not back from the outing until 8.00 pm and the others went straight to dinner, but we had a restaurant lunch today anyway so not much more is needed. Last night we had another giant Argentinian meal. They grill whole sides of lamb like we saw in Sardinia at the Su Gologone, and you get a great pile to eat or rather choose from.

The perfect weather continues and we had a fantastic boat trip today all round the upper branches of the huge Lago Argentino. They reach right into the Andes and there is a glacier at the end of each one. The boat stops not far from the 60m high ice wall with its masses of ice pinnacles. Occasionally a chunk breaks off and crashes into the water. Where we landed and had lunch there was a 15min. walk to a small separate lake fed by three glaciers and full of ice floes. The final glacier had many icebergs bigger than houses which we sailed between to reach the glacier wall. Even a condor nesting on a cliff could be seen from the ship which was able to approach quite close.

San Martin - Rio Galegos
San Martin – Rio Galegos

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