03-12 Corbett 4

Tiger in Corbett reserve

12th Mar/Tues: Corbett 4

An early start before dawn and breakfast paid off for me on the last morning safari in Corbett, since I had the best tiger sighting there and indeed in any park during my holiday. After crossing the river the guide spotted a tiger sitting hardly visible in tall grass. Only the backs of the ears were visible! With some patience we waited for it to move which it eventually did along a small stony gully. On climbing out of this it entered some bushes on a low ridge. My guide knew where it would emerge and could position us for another good view.

It was then time to return quickly and checkout from the Forest Rest House. Despite keeping my camera equipment at the ready, we did not encounter anymore wildlife during the 34km drive before exiting from the park.

hog deer.

At the park entrance I changed to a taxi and the side roads gradually gave way to a motorway. A cow still walked across in front of us! They have charmed lives as do the motorway users! They are good at dodging everything. However I arrived back after the 6 hour drive in one piece at in the hotel in Delhi where it was quite hot by comparison with Corbett.

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