09 Little Kulala, Naukluft

Reception on arrival at Little Kulala lodge
Reception on arrival at Little Kulala lodge

09.03.14, Little Kulala lodge, Namib Naukluft park

There was a lively musical reception at the lodge, which was very luxurious like the ones in Botswana I visited last year, but there were less people there, only 5 one night. It is though a small camp having only 8 rooms. The lodge was surrounded by desert and encroaching sand dunes, but there were some acacia trees both dead and still alive.

I made 2 trips together with the guide and a couple from Jersey. On the first day at 17.00 we drove to the nearby Namib Naukluft National Park to see a small gorge and also saw some Oryx, Springbok and Warthogs, the latter being very unusual here. I was able to try out my new telephoto lens and 2x teleconverter and take some good pictures of them.


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