14 Damaraland, rhino

in desert rhino country
in desert rhino country

 14.03.14, Damaraland lodge, desert rhino country

 In the afternoon there was a botanical walk from the lodge and a short ascent of a nearby hill to view the impressive sunset. On returning to the lodge it was decided after some discussion, that the men would go game hunting again the next morning as originally planned, but that the ladies would visit the World Heritage Centre Twyfelfontein to see some ancient rock engravings.

It was again a 6.00 start and a long bumpy ride. However we located a black rhino quite early on, but not before there was enough light for photography. Unlike the elephant he was quite relaxed and allowed some good pictures. Later there were some mountain zebras, really mountaineering, running down a steep stony slope just like ibex. Later we searched for giraffe but found none despite the profusion of fresh grass and leaves in the area. The ladies also enjoyed their trip and saw not only giraffe but also ostrich and a dead python, killed by hyenas, during the journey.


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