19 Ongava, rhinos

six rhinos watching us walking
six rhinos watching us walking

 19.03.14, Ongava Game Reserve, walking with rhinos

 After the experience of the previous day, I had said to the guide that I would prefer to go to the local private park the next morning. As a result I was assigned a separate guide of my own, already in the evening, and we went in search of rhinos again. First we saw giraffe and some waterbuck, which are not native to the area it being too dry, but artificial pools are provided. We were very successful with the rhinos, seeing first a group of 3 and then 6 together. In both cases I was able to take good pictures and could even try some shots against the sunset. There was one other jeep there occupied by a young couple whose guide had a rifle. It was proposed that we all approach the 6 rhinos on foot, which we then did, causing them to all turn and face us. An impressive sight requiring strong nerves! In the last of the sun’s rays red hartebeest were to be seen, looking even redder than usual.

That evening I had dinner with the 2 German couples with whom I had arrived in the Etosha Pan area the previous day. From the dinner table we could see rhinos, a mother and calf, and some impala. We 5 were the only guests that evening but on the one before there had been a much larger group present.


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